22' Activator

This restoration project brings this 1990 Activator back to life.

Restoring a 22 Activator: Bringing Life Back to a Classic Powerboat

The 22 Activator is a classic powerboat known for its speed and maneuverability. However, as with any aging boat, it can require significant restoration work to bring it back to its former glory. 


ready for restoration


Reinforcing the structure

If you’re passionate about boating, there’s nothing like the thrill of the open water, especially when you’re powering through the waves in a high-performance boat. But when that boat starts showing its age, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and tackle a restoration project. That’s exactly what we did with our 22 Activator, and we’re here to share our journey with you.

Transom Rebuilt

We started our restoration by addressing a common issue with older boats: a rotted transom. The transom is the back wall of the boat that holds the engine and provides stability. Over time, water can seep in and cause the transom to rot, which can be dangerous and compromise the integrity of the boat. We removed the old transom and replaced it with a new one made from coosa, sealed with epoxy resin and coated with fiberglass. This ensures that our new transom will be strong, waterproof, and last for years to come.

Stringers Installed Bow to Stern

With the transom rebuilt, we turned our attention to the boat’s stringers. Stringers are the structural supports that run the length of the boat and provide a framework for the deck and hull. We installed new stringers from the bow to the stern, ensuring that they were securely fastened and aligned with the boat’s design specifications. This will ensure that our boat is stable and can handle the rigors of high-speed boating.

New Gas Tank Mounted and Installed

A new gas tank was also needed for our restoration. We installed a new tank that was compatible with our boat’s make and model, ensuring that it would fit perfectly and operate safely. The tank was mounted securely and plumbed with new fuel lines to provide reliable fuel delivery.

Entire New Floor in the Boat

The old floor of our boat was damaged and unsafe, so we decided to install a new one. We removed the old floor and replaced it with a new one made from marine-grade plywood. The new floor was coated with fiberglass, sanded smooth, and finished with a non-slip surface to ensure safety and durability.

Bottom Repaired, Sanded, Gel Coat, Polished, and Refinished

The boat’s bottom had some damage that needed to be repaired, and we wanted to give it a fresh new look. We repaired the damaged areas, sanded the entire bottom to a smooth finish, and applied a new gel coat. We then polished the gel coat to a high shine, giving our boat a sleek and professional appearance.

To further enhance the performance and reliability of our boat, we installed a new Bobs Machine Engine bracket and an Eddie Marine shifter. These upgrades will improve the boat’s handling, responsiveness, and overall performance.

Finally, we turned our attention to the boat trailer. We replaced the old bunks and fenders with new ones and installed new hardware to ensure that the boat is properly secured during transport.

Restoring a 22 Activator is a big job, but with the right tools, materials, and know-how, it can be done. This restoration project addressed key areas like the transom, stringers, gas tank, floor, and bottom, as well as simple upgrades like the engine bracket and shifter. With this 22′ Activator now restored to its former glory, it’s ready to hit the water and enjoy the thrill of high-speed boating once again.

Check out the progress

The Restoration Process

Transom Replacement


Transom repair

Gas Tank Removal

Floor Removal

Transom Reinforcement


Stringers and Gas Tank

Gas Tank & Floor

Transom Deck



Transom Deck




Floor Repairs

Floor Repairs


Bottom Repairs

Bottom Repairs

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