The history of Rage Powerboats

Rage Powerboats specializes in custom fiberglass design and speed boat construction, rigging, repair, and paintwork.  Rage Performance Boats is the brainchild of Mark Schnepf who brings over 40 years of combined experience in custom design, fabrication, set up and repair of high performance boats. Our philosophy is to have an all-inclusive operation to guarantee high quality service, convenience, and specific time lines to maximize boating time on the water. 

Rage Boat designs are proven in off-shore racing R&D which is incorporated into every aspect of each model design; all rigged to racing standards.  Our models are sleek, sexy and plush with non slip cockpit soles, and stainless hardware throughout.  Occupant seating is designed with safety and comfort as priority number one while incorporating aerodynamic technology.  The use of proprietary resins in a wood free composite matrix, utilizing non woven stitched fabrics and vacuum bagging technology ensure a trouble free, lifetime hull warranty to the original owner.

Mark Schnepf has extensive experience in fiberglass design and construction as a result, most of the boats he has built have become National and World Champions in the APBA and other offshore racing circuits. His boats have dominated the offshore racing circuits Factory One class from 1999 to present, bringing their owners many National and World Championships. In 2001 and 2002, Mark Schnepf with his longtime friend BJ Maher, won back-to-back National Championships in a boat that Mark built.

Our Boats are constructed to your specification

  • Custom plug and mold work 
  • Construction of hatches, dashboards, bussles, and windscreens 
  • Design and build new decks
  • Convert conventional V Bottom to a Step bottom
  • Custom gelcoat, repair and color matching
  • Bottom Blueprinting
  • Raceboat to pleasure boat conversions 
  • Convert your ex-race boat to a pleasure boat 
  • Provide insurance claim work

We use only the highest-grade vinyl ester resin and bi-directional fabrics vacuum bagged over various cores. Epoxy resin, kevlar and carbon fiber construction are available upon request.

Owner, Mark Schnepf has been in the boat business his entire life. Mark recalls rebuilding engines, painting boats, repairing fiberglass, and every type of marine work he could at a very young age. Growing up in a marine focused family, Mark spent a large portion of his childhood at the Marina with his father and family members.  The family owned Marina laid the foundation for Activator Boats Inc. "When I was sixteen years old, I went for a ride in a 70 mph. homemade Deep V. That was it for me," says Schnepf. Within 1 year he put together his own 70 mph rig. Life had taken a sudden turn, "While my friends were driving their first cars, I was building my own boat”, says Schnepf.  In the late 1970’s Mark was building plugs and molds for some local guys which later landed him at Hustler Powerboats. "After a year or so with Hustler I felt it was only natural to go out on my own fully," says Schnepf.  At this time it was 1985 and the 22 Activator was born. Between Ocean Outboard ( a local dealership) and Activator Boats some sixty-five 22 foot boats were built and delivered over a 3 year span.  Mark's early career experience spans a variety of companies such as Hustler, Cobra, Scorpion and Apache. However, it’s his Activator Boats that dominated the factory one class in APBA offshore boat racing for the past few decades. Mark alone brings 45 years of heritage and experience in the custom fiberglass business with design and fabrication of various plugs, hulls and molds.  Racing came as a natural progression for the brand, and becoming the world champion was simply inevitable.  Specializing in hulls that perform in the roughest most difficult water conditions are his passion and true talent.Life is all about choices, and too short for the wrong ones.

Choose Rage and live on.

Speed on the water is unlike anything else.  One might say it is the "Final Frontier" where adrenaline runs for hours and the experience lasts a lifetime.  At Rage Powerboats our builds are engineered for optimal performance, safety and comfort.   The recognizable style makes these vessels stand out in a crowd.  Every boat is hand built by technicians with decades of experience using vacuum bagged computer designed composite laminates.  Owning a Rage Powerboat ensures you that when the conditions of the sea may seem too severe and your friends have gone back to port, your Rage can take on absolutely any type of water conditions without a second thought.